Changzhou Ounuo Electrical company was founded in February 2003, is located in the scenic south of the Changjiang River. LED Bulb
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LED Bulb
G45R Led Color Bulb
P45 E14 Led Blub 5W,6W,7W
E27 G45 Led Bulb 5W,6W,7W
C37 Led Candle bulb 5W,6W,7W
C37T Led Candle Bulb 5W,6W,7W
A55 E27 Led Bulb 5W,7W
A60 Led bulb 9W,10W,12W
A65 E27 LED Bulb 15W
A70 E27 LED Bulb 18W
T E27 LED Bulb 20W,30W,40W,50W,70W,80W,100W

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